How come the people at Gearbox say something like that? The game seriously was a disaster, there was nothing in the game except some good one-liners. And Valve really needs to bring HL3 fast, show them how a franchise is handled. Hell, I'd have waited a few more years for a proper game than the mess Duke Nukem Forever… » 11/04/11 3:56am 11/04/11 3:56am

I totally dig the point. I feel that you can get more "into the game" if your character doesn't speak. But there are a few games that do voice acting really well, VALVe's own Team Fortress 2 is a brilliant example - I totally enjoy my soldier taunting when he dominates lowly pyros. Kratos when speaks, speaks heavily,… » 2/24/11 11:56am 2/24/11 11:56am

Ok, I love TF2, and take great care to keep my nearly perfect backpack sorted, but valve is getting too much content into the game recently, and is kind of sad. Please don't just add stuff into the game valve, we love the game's art style, and all these are kind of messing up what made the game look stunning. I won't… » 2/03/11 1:10pm 2/03/11 1:10pm